Roatan island´s top attraction is the beach. There are multiple areas around the island that have white sand beaches with turquoise water. The most touristic and famous ones are West Bay and West End on the western side of the island. There are beautiful beaches almost everywhere on the island and the farthest beach from downtown and the most secluded would be Paya Bay. Nonetheless you can spend a day at the beach at any location in Roatan.


Scuba diving is the other mayor reason why tourists visit Roatan. The island is fantastic for diving due to the fact that is surrounded by a coral barrier and the dive sites are just a few feet of the coast. Long boat journeys are not necessary to go diving. Actually, there are many sites that you can access from the beach. The marine life you can find on the reef is one of the most beautiful and extraordinary in the world. Additionally, there are more than 30 Dive Centers currently operating all along the island.


Thanks to the proximity of the reef to the coast snorkeling sites are very easy to access. For those who diving is not an option they can always visit a beach with mask and snorkel and enjoy the coral reefs that are just a few yards away from the shore.

Canopy Tours

There are more than five options of canopy tours on the island. They offer different distances as well as higher or lower heights as well as beginner and advances levels. Roatan is one of the Caribbean Islands with the greenest landscape and this characteristic makes canopy tours a very adventurous and scenic activity available here.


You can hire a sailing tour to travel around the island. You can not only enjoy sailing but also swimming and visiting different beaches since the island’s shore is shallow and accessible by boat.

Fishing Charters

A day of fishing on the island can be an unforgettable experience. Charters are available for several hours to do some deep-water fishing.

Submarine Tour

In West End there is a small three-man submarine available to visit the the bottom of the ocean deeper than scuba diving will allow you to do. The submarine can reach depths of hundreds of feet so you can enjoy marine life that cannot be seen during diving.


Kayak rental is available in several beach locations. You can row for hours and travel around the coast. The sea is so calm that is very easy to travel a large distrance in front of the beach.

Water Sports

Water skiing, parasailing, jet skiing and other aquatic activities are available. Rental places are available in most beaches, specially in West Bay and Fantasy Island.

Dolphin Encounter

In Sandy Bay there is a dolphin show. Every day dolphin encounters take place where you can swim with them. You can also see how this animals perform different activities without having to get into the water.

Island Tour

Island Tours are perhaps the most common activity sought for by visitors. The island’s geography is so beautiful and diverse that nobody who visits the island wants to leave without getting to know it’s entirety. You can purchase a guided tour or just hire a taxi driver for a few hours. Another option available is to rent a car and travel the 50-kilometer stretch that the island has. Also a very popular option is to rent a scooter to cruise around island.


Hundreds of souvenir stores and gift shops are available in Roatan. You can find the nicest keepsakes of the island. Please do not purchase items made of coral or other sealife and help preserve the marine resources.

Island Food and Drinks

Many bars on the beach as well as restaurants offer Caribbean food. What is sought more is the lobster, King crab and the traditional island stews made with coconut milk. Local beer is one of the most common beverages and the most popular drinks available are rum and traditional cocktails like the Monkey Lala.

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